The Invisible Hands介绍

The Invisible Hands是一只摇滚乐队,乐队名来自阿拉伯语El Ayadi El Khafeyya的英文翻译。乐队首张同名专辑《The Invisible Hands》分成英文版和阿拉伯语版,2013年3月发行。

The Invisible Hands乐队的成员包括首领、吉他、键盘Alan Bishop,唯一的美国人,还有吉他、bass手Cherif El Masri,键盘和人声Aya Hemeda(埃及乐队 Eskenderella的前成员),鼓手Magued Nagati,提琴手Mohammed Medhad,后面的成员都来自于埃及开罗。


Born amongst wolves: forged in smoke and fire; Invisible Hand plays baroque acid-rock with power-pop guitar theatrics. From and inspired by the ever pastoral central Virginian landscape, with two members having served time as actors (including bit parts as Bat Boys and Charles Darwins), a full time food enthusiast and a visual artist with a knack for the french chanteuses of bygone eras; a live showing may included wild gesticulations, cunning two-steps, razor sharp wit and spaced-out maneuvers. For fans of the Kinks, XTC, Squeeze, Wire, Buzzcocks, Sparks and snacks of all kinds.

关于他们的专辑《The Invisible Hands》:

The Invisible Hands is the English translation of the band's original Egyptian Arabic name: El Ayadi El Khafeyya. Taking almost two years to create amidst an unusual and challenging backdrop, this is the brand new project of Alvarius B. (Alan Bishop of Sun City Girls). Eleven highly-crafted new songs projected through his typically dark lens of songwriting and a band of brilliant musicians from Cairo, the premier, self-titled CD version of this album is the English language vocals edition (see below) delivered in AB's patented sinister style; drenched in lovely psychedelic folk arrangements and vocal choruses with a nod to what could have potentially been an album that surfaced decades ago but instead found its way into the future superimposed over historic and tumultuous times in the center of the Arab world. The group was established during the summer of 2011 and the album was recorded in Cairo in May of 2012. Band members include Cherif El Masri and Aya Hemeda (both former members of popular Egyptian group Eskenderella) with drummer Magued Nagati. On a handful of songs, several other players from the Cairo scene are featured including Sam Shalabi (Shalabi Effect/Land Of Kush) on oud and Mohamed Medhat on violin and viola. All tracks written and sung by Alvarius B. in English. Note: This is the English language CD version of the album. An Arabic language CD version will only be available to purchase in the Middle East. Both English and Arabic language versions will be available for digital download and both versions together will be available as a limited edition 2LP in the very near future.

01. The Same
02. Dream Machine
03. Hitman Boy
04. Dark Hall
05. Black Weather Shoes
06. Soma
07. My Skull
08. Nice On Ice
09. Black Blood
10. Summer Rain
11. Death Zoo

- Debut album and new project from Alvarius B. (former Sun City Girl, Alan Bishop).

- Recorded in Cairo, featuring musicians Cherif El Masri, Aya Hemeda, and Sam Shalabi.

- Alvarius B. sings 11 new tracks presented through his dark lens of songwriting.

- Drenched in lovely psychedelic folk arrangements and vocal choruses.


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