Lo-Fang的幕后是传统乐器演奏家和制作人Matthew Hemerlein,“The One That I Want”单曲名字源自John Farrar的“You’re The One That I Want”,2013年由4AD厂牌发行《#88》专辑。

The music of Lo-Fang is like a symphony in miniature, a minimalist collage of plucked strings, massaged notes and spare beats. And Matthew Hemerlein’s voice, a silken instrument that exudes the intimacy of somebody whispering in your ear. A Washington, D.C., transplant who released the album “Hot Nickels” in 2010 under his own name, Hemerlein has adopted the nom de tune Lo-Fang because his new work “is a lot more reflective of the musical and cultural ideas … [than] the music I’ve been making then my birth name,” he says. It’s rapturous either way, and the man of many instruments — he plays violin, cello, upright bass, guitar, mandolin and piano — will be releasing new music via 4AD.