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As The StarsFall是一支法国后摇氛围乐队,乐队成员有Remi和Steve,两人都是作曲人/摄影师/美术设计师。乐队名取自作家Hubert Selby, Jr的一段话。2001年乐队以Medeline之名开始进入Hip Hop乐坛,他们从视觉角度创作音乐,电影、照片等等都能给予他们灵感,乐队也一直尝试着将听众带入音效创造的影像氛围中。为了让自己的音乐有进一步发展,08年乐队正式定名为As The Stars Fall,这个名字一如他们的音乐带给人的感觉。


As The StarsFall is the french trip-hop band which takes an inspiration from Sigur Rós and Portishead as well. On the 26th April they’llrelease first EP titled “Tempus Fugit” on Low Wood label. The EP will consistof two tracks-“Untitled” and “Alone”.As The Star Fall inspires on Sigur Rós mostly by their specific blury sound and misticatmosphere. French musicians takes those and trip-hop beautiful sedness tocreate their own world. You can listen to this music on official band’sMyspace. You can also check their rainy artwork on Whitelighblackrain blogspace.


As The Stars Fall isa black and white photography of a glowing light slowly fading out in thenight, a disenchanted glance at the world, the soundtrack of tormented life,that could have been written by Hubert Selby, Jr, some frozen memories, abitter melancholy…
Throbbing melodies talking to your soul, As The Stars Fall is a touch of desesperation,the end of a sad story…


As The Stars Fall are not simply a band. With the use of film,photography and art they create musical soundscapes that are as much a visualexperience as they are musical. CB Lux had a chat with the band in their nativetongue French and found out a little more about the musicians/artists.

Cat On The Wall: There is verylittle information regarding As The Stars Fall in your biography. Could youintroduce yourselves and describe your respective roles?

As The Stars Fall: We areRemi and Steve, 2 composers/photographers/graphic designers.

COTW: How was ATSF created?

ATSF: We started out in2001 on the Hip Hop scene under the name Medeline.
We have always approached sound from a very visual angle, cinematographic even,through trying to tell stories within each new track… But it is true that,little by little, as we evolved we found ourselves composing a lot of “outsidethe norms” titles in a natural manner, it was a real breath of oxygen for us tobe able to step out of “codes”, to take real pleasure musically speaking.
About two years ago we decided to push this aspect of our music even furtherand to set it in stone by creating As The Stars Fall.

COTW: What is the concept behind your Tempus Fugit EP?

ATSF: Tempus Fugit is alatin expression, it means “time flies”.
The goal of this first EP was to gather up titles that pin a mix of emotions,an instant picture a little like an old photograph, a captured moment on filmthat will never happen again… The image of the road that illustrates the EPsymbolises very well this idea of time passing and endlessly eluding us, timedestroying everything…

COTW: You mix photography and film with your music. What’s the reason forthis combination?

ATSF: We are passionateabout all aspects of art, we don’t really differentiate between media – takinga photo, composing a track or even participating to a video production allrelate, for us, to the same mechanism and the same creative need. Sometimes wewrite a song – because a picture inspired us – and vice versa, the same appliesto films… For us it is important to submerge our audience in a visual as muchas sonic experience…

COTW: If you could collaborate with three artistes (past and/or present)which would you choose to work with?

ATSF: Philip Glass, TomYorke & Darren Aronofsky.

COTW: Do you plan on performing on stage?

ATSF: Playing live isobviously part of our projects, it is the logical continuation of theexperience. We have already played a few DJ Sets, where we drop our tunes andmore importantly those of other artists that we like… At the moment we are atthat point when we prepare ourselves, we think things through to find the bestformation possible to bring As The Stars Fall live on stage. We hope to seeeveryone again live by the end of the year.

COTW: What can be expected of ATSF in the future?

ATSF: Some forthcomingmusic releases – probably a second EP then the album – some photo exhibitions,some gigs…


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