Stars的成员都是本土的加拿大人,但Stars的最初形成,则是2000年在美国纽约的布鲁克林,雏形的Stars只有主要成员Torquil Campbell(Torquil曾在电影以及电视剧中担任个别角色,包括《Law & Order》和《Sex and the City》,其实这和他的父亲Douglas Campbell曾是莎士比亚的饰演者无不有著密切的联系。)和Chris Seligman,当时的他们在美国小厂牌Le Grand Magistery旗下发行了处女专辑《Nightsongs》,可是反响并不太理想,故于2002年两人正式回归加拿大的蒙特利尔谋求更大的发展空间,并且邀请好友Evan Cranley以及Amy Milan基本形成完整的Stars,男女双主唱是他们的标志,而加拿大烙印式的乐观主义的歌词造诣,更显示了Torquil对作词的天赋,曲风上,轻快略带飘忽的鼓点,gt适度的riff回旋,以及时而的电子元素,给Stars套上了一层複古的外皮,更有的是,Stars他们对浪漫的另一种诠释,以及对人生对社会的另一种态度,2003年签约加拿大著名厂牌Arts & Crafts,并于同年暑假档期,重新发行曾在02年圣诞就出现在英国部分地区的成名专辑《Heart》。取得了相对的成功后,沈寂了两年的他们,终于在 2005年3月带著他们的最新专辑《Set Yourself On Fire》回到了人们的眼前。

Celestial slices and sidereal sounds. 'Nightsongs,' the long-awaited debut album from Stars contains beautiful beats, heartfelt lyrics, and enough injections of Morrissey, Marr, Derrick May, Bjork, The Blue Nile, New Order, Frazier Chorus, Style Council, Electronic, Marvin Gaye, The Chimes, and De La Soul to move St. Etienne and all the angels up in heaven to tears. Tears of joy. Salty tears the likes of which they've never wept before. But it's not too late. It's never too late for 'Nightsongs.' A million dancehall dreams will be built around these words and rhythms. Most of those dreams will be shattered: She'll break your heart. He'll never call. You'll never even say a word. All else might vanish, but these songs will last. Painful and perfect reminders of the hope. Reminders of that salvation in desperation, the living and the moving, the dancing and the grooving. Those moments of madness and sadness, of elation and vibration! These songs are already playing in your head. You can almost hear them. Put this disc in your system, turn it up and just let the music flow. A dizzying array of words will fall from the mouths of Stars, while bandmates Torquil Campbell, Chris Seligman and their gaggle of electronics and associates play poet to your past and pervert to your present. They even put "motherfucking" to use in a way that is both tactful and sublime. Their clubby cover of the Smiths' "This Charming Man" is sure to win them some instant fans, but their original compositions will have this band living up to their moniker in no time. The soft revolution starts here!