OnJel 的专辑乐评(28)

  • FLASH BACK专辑 Capsule
  • Let Them Talk专辑 Hugh Laurie
  • I Already Love You专辑 Sara Lov
  • うたばうたゆん专辑 朝崎郁恵
  • Mad Men: Music From The Series Vol. 1专辑 Various Artists
  • Best BEST专辑 The Peanuts
  • Six Waves of Woe专辑 Forest of shadows
  • K.K.K.K.K.专辑 Kahimi Karie
  • Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future专辑 The bird and the bee
  • Little Joy专辑 Little Joy
  • Self-Portrait专辑 Jay-Jay Johanson
  • A Loud Call专辑 Holly Throsby
  • Jukebox专辑 Cat Power
  • Coming To Terms专辑 Arco
  • Where Circles Begin专辑 Monta
  • Set Yourself On Fire专辑 Stars
  • 我不懂摇滚乐专辑 雀斑
  • Franz Ferdinand专辑 Franz Ferdinand
  • Say I Am You专辑 The Weepies
  • In Between Dreams专辑 Jack Johnson